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Revelation Childrens Ministries International, Jinja East, Uganda
Nabuur village

Having seen the plight of the suffering children of our communities, more especially the orphans and vulnerable children caused as a result of HIV/AIDS epidemic and the displacement by the Lord’s Resistance rebel war in north and eastern Uganda and other calamities beyond man’s control. We are working jointly with Organizations operating in Uganda in stream lining collaborative arrangements to fight against HIV/AIDS scourge and taking care of the displaced children in the country, taking in account the overwhelming numbers and being conscious that Organizations and government play a developmental role and observing that the roles of Organizations are increasingly being recognized here in Uganda. Revelation Children’s Ministries International (RCMI) is a registered charitable community based organization (CBO) founded to pave ways to support the orphaned and vulnerable children. Michael and Esther are Directors and founders of Revelation children ministries int with a vision:

To care for the orphans,vulnerable children,street children,needy children and to support the women from different displaced tribes these include Iteso, Kumam, Acholi, Langi and the karamajong in an alien Culture of Busoga, displaced from their own home districts .as displace people this people have no gardens to cultivate and as a result children are forced to walk in town as street children looking for what to feed on as many could not afford to continue with education

The very reason, Revelation children ministries came up with this strategy of creating projects to the children in these communities. Michael and Esther, the founders of RCMI were deeply touched by the rate of crimes as a result of idle children RCMI is dedicated to train and support the children through education, provision of shelter and food items, clothing and basic needs. Here mothers are encouraged and trained to create income generating projects to enhance and promote the activities of RCMI Revelation children’s ministries trains mothers and children in making handcraft such as paper beads, necklaces to generate income to support the children.

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